Friday, June 14, 2013

The best desert safari destination

Safaris are exciting wildlife holidays, as we all love a glimpse of the natural wilderness and its inhabitants. There are number of typical safari destinations in the world we are all too familiar with, but have you ever wondered about desert safaris? If you, for a moment, thought they are not as exciting as conventional safaris, shun that thought away now. Desert safaris are uniquely enthralling and more intriguing. A pristine eco system, barely untouched by human intervention and glorious night skies, will forever capture your heart. Take a journey through the mighty desert like the ancients did thousands of years ago. Dubai is the most famous and popular destination for desert safaris. These feature stunning exotic wildlife, tastes of the local culture, and nights under the infinity sky lit with glittering stars. A desert safari in Dubai is almost like a page out of the Arabian Nights.

One of the most amazing perks of a desert safari is the opportunity to observe nature even at night. The cool air of the night is known to be refreshing, and sighting nocturnal creatures that come out after sundown is easy. The warmth of a roaring campfire and aromas of tasty local cuisines will surround you. Making Arabic bread, getting henna tattoos, watching rhythmic Khaleeji dancing and listening to traditional music are some of the night-time activities you can expect on a desert safari in Dubai. You can also discover the art of falconry, a vital part of desert life, practiced through centuries. Ever wondered what it must be like to ride a camel? Camel rides are a popular part of any desert safari and fundamental to experiencing desert life. Unlike the jungle or the forest, the desert is an ideal location to observe unique flora and fauna and it is also a place abound with distinctive views.

The very best of the safari companies provide luxury facilities to dine and camp under the stars. Platinum Heritage in Dubai is reputed for offering the world’s most luxurious safaris. It is one of only two operators permitted to conduct wildlife drives inside the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The company also utilises only the very best of vehicles, such as 1950’s vintage Land Rovers and ultra-luxurious Mercedes G-Wagons. Platinum Heritage desert safaris are focused on reviving the romance and authenticity of the real Arabia through their wildlife safaris, heritage safaris, night safaris, dinner safaris, overnight safaris and other exclusive services provided only by the company, such as private falconry experience and breakfast with a Bedouin. 


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