Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tea: the preferred drink for all

Considered as the preferred drink for the older generation, tea has luckily regained its status as a popular drink in the recent past. Tea has made a remarkable comeback and is now enjoyed by young and old alike. It is no longer considered as the staid drink only to be drunk in the mornings and afternoon but has instead has now become a drink to grab and go, even replacing soft drinks for some. This major comeback is mostly due to people taking more control of their lives and taking more care regarding the food and drinks they consume. Tea has once again been recognized for its healthy properties and for having no calories when drunk in its pure form. 

All over the world, tea manufacturers manufacture tea to cater to the modern palate. While people still appreciate the morning cuppa that helps them jump start their day, nowadays it has also become a trend to drink iced tea, flavoured tea and green tea. Even green tea comes in a variety of flavours guaranteed to satisfy all tastes.

The best way to enjoy a satisfying cup of tea is to ensure that you are getting Single Origin Tea. This way you know that your tea has retained its fresh quality and pure taste. The aroma you get from quality tea cannot be described and should be experienced to be appreciated. Even to get the maximum health benefits from your cup of tea it is best if the tea is Single Origin Tea so that there are no impurities mixed into the tea. Impurities hinder and deter the good benefits to be gained by drinking tea.

While water is the ideal drink to keep you hydrated and healthy, when variety is craved tea should be your number one choice. As mentioned above, with such a selection of teas on offer nowadays you will never get bored with your tea drinking. If not mixed with sugar or milk, the cup of tea has no calories, making it the perfect substitute for water. To cool off on a hot day a tall glass of iced lemon tea is bliss, while winding down for the night becomes easier when the day is ended with a warm soothing cup of Chamomile tea. 

Learn to brew the perfect cup of tea at home so that you enjoy this tasty brew whenever you want. It also helps you avoid drinking any unnecessarily sweetened tea. Pure Ceylon Tea, sold by various tea exporters in Sri Lanka, is a good option for tea drinkers as the rich aroma and flavour satisfy each and every time. Sri Lanka is well-known and respected for its tea and tea exporters in Sri Lanka always ensure to maintain this trust.

So hurry up and get in on the tea revolution and be hydrated and healthy with this wonder drink, tea!

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